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Creator of The Dark Room, one of the most exciting, imaginative, maddening and hilariously cruel live experiences Stu has ever been a part of, John Robertson is also a stand-up, tending towards lunatic clown.  We talk about weaponising outsider status to survive school, and the dynamic between outlandish persona and the "over-indulged child" within.  But how to you nurture joy when you get paid to scream abuse at people?
Enjoy all extras from shows past and present with access to the private Insiders Club podcast, alongside a host of other strands and projects, including the chance to interview Stu yourself, and take part in a group critical analysis of newer acts from all over the world:  
The Dark Room game is now at - available on Steam for PC and Mac. 
John's website is
And you can find him on Twitter @Robbotron
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