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Dane Baptiste is raising the bar for articulate, socially-conscious stand-up, and pulls no intellectual punches in this conversation, which takes in chakras, Arthur Maslow's hierarchy of needs and transcendental perception...  We talk about what it means to be the first black Briton to be nominated for the Edinburgh Comedy Award; why validation, gratification and dopamine aren't the end goal; and why he's a goofball.
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I've never seen such an immediate standing ovation as the one we gave Zoe Coombs-Marr at the end of her show "Trigger Warning" this year.  Her multiple award-winning creation "Dave" is a troubled hack comic and the centre of an awesomely meta-textual subversion and dismantling of the craft of comedy. We talk about the range and limits of character work, learn about feminist super-group show "Wild Bore", and find out why she'd be happy to fail if it meant the world changed.
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Uniquely funny and inventive stand-up Howard Read has recently been performing a double-act with an animated cartoon child version of himself.  We discuss the madness behind his method, explore the hazards of improvising double-act banter with oneself, and learn what he can and can't get away with...
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Good luck getting the Haberdashery song out of your head:

Celebrating the release of Brian's Netflix special, his work now available in the UK for the first time, we're proud to bring you this blast from the past!  Well, 2016...

Brian Regan is the undisputed master of the "act-out", reducing audiences to tears of joy as he inhabits one potent premise after another. We squeezed in half an hour backstage to talk about how he shapes and annotates his "vignettes", and find out why everyone considers him the nicest man in comedy.

Note to UK-based listeners. Even if you don't always download non-UK acts, please just give this a whirl; it's only short and he's INCREDIBLE.

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A superb comedian story-teller, Sarah Kendall's work is suffused with genuine meaning.  She talks vividly here about controlling her anxiety and the aftermath of a nervous breakdown.  We also delve into some specifics, including the financial imperative of turning over new work annually, and how she had to re-discover her audience after time away from the fringe...
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Infused with the lyrical virtuosity of his native New Orleans, comic and story-teller Sean Patton is adept at finding the meaningful in the profane.  We talk about his OCD; his fixation on the art and craft of comedy; why he favours purity over people-pleasing; and how the high school bullshit seeps back into the circuit...
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Recorded at the close of the Edinburgh festival, this toweringly-charismatic lay-preacher of comedy is astonishingly candid in his reflection on the past few years. We get deep into some very personal stuff, as Reg reveals how his struggle to grieve for his late mother led to a years-long dark period. We learn what steps he took personally and creatively to recover; discover what bugs Reg about himself; and ask some difficult questions about his attitude towards women.
*Please be aware that this conversation features some offensive language, including the use of a homophobic slur*
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Affected by the post-ramble? Have a look at these things men can do to change our work and life culture:
One of the writers and stars of Northern Ireland's most successful sitcom "Give My Head Peace", wonderful Tim McGarry is adept at walking the tightrope of offence.  We talk about his origins with The Hole In The Wall Gang; how it felt to write sketches about paramilitaries during the Troubles; and Stuart asks a "wanky" question that yields some interesting results...

Is there such a thing as warm malice? One of the UK's classiest comics, Jo Caulfield wields spite like a glittering scalpel, to hilarious effect. We talk about her evolving relationship to her audience, discover the holy grail of TV warm-up, and consider changing the names to protect the innocent...

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In this "lost" episode recorded in Edinburgh in 2016, Joe DeRosa peels back the layers of his hilariously disgruntled standup about anxiety, therapy and suicide.  He rails against comedy being used to self-serve, champions the rebellious spirit of the comedian, and details fearlessly walking away from opportunity...
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