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Clean-cut to within an inch of his life, spunky Ed Gamble is a deft young comic who attributes his burgeoning success to being in the right place at the right time.  We discuss the affect on his persona of the "Peacock & Gamble" double-act, learn how he created comedian Nish Kumar and tremble before his voracious appetite (for tagging jokes).
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In this quicky micro-pod, Stu talks all soppy like about his recent nuptials.  (Also T-shirt pre-sale info and a quick ad for some London previews this weekend he neglected to advertise.  At all.)

Since the 1980's Jo Brand has been synonymous with the best of British comedy, rising to the top of the industry at a time when female comics were outnumbered sixteen to one.  We find out whether her grumpiness is an act, applaud her resilience in the face of some of the disgraceful things people have said to her, and discover her feelings about the place of "fat" jokes in a perhaps more progressive 2017.
Very strong language from the beginning of the episode.
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Multiple award-botherer Tom is well-read, politically-conscious and adept at turning argument into meaningful comedy.  He's also really aggravatingly young and funny and successful. We discuss his politicisation, his approach to writing and editing, and whether he deliberately left his show-script out on his desk for Stu to see...
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A punchline powerhouse with a genuinely unique act, Lee Ridley is adept at skewering his audience's unspoken prejudices. Unable to speak due to his cerebral palsy, Lee communicates entirely through an electronic aid, on- and off-stage.  We discuss how he overcomes the specific challenges this presents to a comic, and learn in more than usual detail how he "found his voice".  And why he chose that accent...

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Immaculate in appearance, delivery and hit-rate, Rhys Nicholson is a perfectly-balanced cocktail of a comedian.  We discuss the relationship between his face, his "face" and the world of drag, and zero in on the pressures of following up an award-nominated show...

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In his fourth decade as a comic, Jeremy Hardy is a staple of British comedy radio. His passion for vivid, punchline-filled writing is further enlivened by his political fervour. We find out what people most often get wrong about the birth of alternative comedy, discuss his choice of words and analogies, and explore why he hates being labelled a political comic.
Jeremy Hardy on tour - http://jeremyhardy.co.uk/tour/
Final Soho Theatre live podcast of this run with JO BRAND - www.sohotheatre.com/whats-on/the-co…cast-with-stuar
See Stu conclude his standup tour at Soho Theatre - www.comedianscomedian.com/soho
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Aunty Donna are a six-man sketch team with specialists in video, sound design and stage direction reinforcing the classic clown family of octopus Statham, wild-eyed loon and wanking sex-monkey.  We talk about the method behind the madness, the effect their online presence has on their creativity, and the meetings required to steer a six person/six partner battleship.


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Having grown up in Tasmania at a time when her very sexuality was illegal, Hannah Gadsby has forged her anger into an annihilating comic weapon. Her new show "Nanette" is a heart-wrenching piece of work that rails against the failings of comedy itself to tell enough of the truth. We talk about honesty and accessibility, and her decision to stop being a comedian.

See Stu's live interview with Aunty Donna 22nd April [https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2017/shows/the-comedian-s-comedian]

More on Hannah Gadbsy [http://hannahgadsby.com.au/]

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No interview this week, but loads of great ones on the way, so this week I'm giving you an update of what's been happening in Melbourne. 

If you're going to the Melbourne Comedy Festival then make sure you see Deanne Smith, Aunty Donna, Aaron Chen, Tom Walker, Des Bishop, Ahir Shah, Becky Lucas and Rebecca Walker. 

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