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86 - Noel James

A master of off-the-wall wordplay, Noel James is disarmingly honest about his struggles with comedy and real life. We analyse his use of metaphor and analogy as well as delving into his psychology, what it's like to commit one's life to comedy, and the public craving for “one voice of truth”. Bangor University, Taunton, One Liners, Gavin Webster, New Zealand, Laurel And Hardy, Monty Python, James Joyce, Dylan Thomas, Spike Milligan, British Telecom, Mark Thomas, Kevin Day, Maria Callas, Graham Norton, Frankie Howerd, Ken Dodd, Time Out, Tunnel Club, Malcolm Hardee, Game Of Thrones, Paul Foot, Phil Kay, Chortle, Daniel Dennett, Colin Wilson, The Outsider, Bill Hicks, Joe Rowntree, SNL, Saturday Night Live, Ben Elton, Arthur Smith, Tim Vine, Glee Club, Selling Out, Eric Sykes