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"Scummy Mummies" Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson are a pair of stand-ups with a hit parenting podcast unlike any other. Unafraid to get shit in their eyebrows and tell you about it, we discover the dynamic between them, get the lowdown on their very eventful live tour shows, and hear the infuriating story of their TV smash-in-waiting getting held down by The Man (or Some Men).
Visit to listen to the Scummy Mummies podcast and buy tickets for their live shows. You can follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @scummymummies.
See "The Comedian's Comedian" podcast live with special guests "No Such Thing As A Fish" (the QI Elves podcast) at London Podfest, 9.30pm on Sunday 16th Sept 2018
See Stu's new show "End Of" at Edinburgh this August!