UA-30887335-1 48 - Marcel Lucont and Alexis Dubus
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Raconteur, bon vivant and flanneur extraordinaire, the award-winning Marcel Lucont is inching his way up the comedy ladder. Alexis Dubus, Marcel's confidant, talks frankly about the differences between their styles and successes, and presents his template for a refreshingly angst-free comedy life... Edinburgh Fringe, Character, Henning Wehn, Marc Blake, Helmut, Dead Meat, Steve Buscemi, Falling Down With Laughter, Si Thomas, Josh Widdicombe, Rhod Gilbert, Reviews, Al Murray, Pub Landlord, Priorite A Gauche, Comedy In The Dark, Setlist, Comedy Club 4 Kids, Steve Bennett, Comedy Store, Late'n'Live, Daniel Kitson, Dan Antopolski, The Ruddy Brief History of Swearing, A Surprisingly Tasteful Show About Nudity, Dave Gorman, Frankie Boyle, Jim Jefferies, Jerry Sadowitz, Guardian, Andy Kaufman, Tony Clifton, Man on the Moon, Lost in the Fun House, Bob Zmuda, Taxi Driver, Tim Key, Simon Munnery, Viva Lucont Album, Lee & Herring And Alan Parker BBC Radio 1, Stewert Lee, Kevin Eldon, Trevor Locke, Fist of Fun, Just For Laughs, Elis James, Mark Watson